eden vidal

when you don't fit

i'm eden. i talk, and sometimes, i don't sound smart. i write, and the words aren't always shiny. but when i talk about what lights me up, i'm all in.

i've noticed something. my vibe's different. regular people not getting what i'm about. but there are those few who stop, listen, and nod. they're kind of crazy too. they "get it".

i started under and rainbow. they're for the creatives, the thinkers, and those who see design as more than just looks. those who, like me, value the weird.

i think there's a strength in being real, in being passionate. i don't need everyone to follow. just those who feel what i feel, those who connect with the heart of what i do.

so, for others like me, don't stress about fitting in. it's okay to stand out. it's not about winning everyone. it's about finding those who truly get you. and trust me, that's enough.