eden vidal

Is CSS the missing link between a designer and a developer?

what is the missing link between a designer and a developer?

ready for it?

i believe it’s plain good ol’ css!

it’s the perfect “agreement” between the two camps, allowing designers to become directly responsible for the form and developers to take responsibility for functionality.

it doesn’t mean one shouldn’t coordinate with the other on form/function, yet both sides finally got an opportunity to be on the same page. or, in our case, a web page.

you may now think, “i need to know how to write css to make that happen” or “my design tool makes it complicated enough.

why should i learn something new?” we got some news for you. your design tool does make it too complicated by detaching you from the medium and its possibilities.

and there is another way. it is called relate.

you will learn to “relate” half the time you learned other tools, and it will give you unlimited superpowers that you can then apply multiple times, forever.

what does the designer get?

  • create a robust design system powered by plain, functional css.
  • use the same system across multiple relate projects to emphasize your ui/ux.

what does the developer get?

  • continuous delivery of a design system, straight away from the designer.
  • use the other related projects as the ultimate documentation and implement the design with functional css.

what does the business get?

achieve “one source of truth” between design and engineering and have one less thing to worry about. if you’re an online business, it’s a tremendous amount of time.