I'm Eden Vidal, a designer & maker. Breathing design and technology, I had the privilege of creating products and brands with amazing people and companies. I started Under, a design studio. And co-founded Relate, a new kind of interface design tool.

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Relate - Design & develop better together

Maker, product Designer

Relate is a new tool for design & development teams to create digital products in a very visual and straightforward way

States - Sketch plugin for creating layer compositions 🎨

A Sketch plugin for creating different layer compositions just like in good old photoshop

Profound - App to unlock health insights hidden in imaging scans

Product Design
for Zebra Medical

When was the last time you did something that is really valuable? Profound is one of the product I am proud of the most. It's a life-saving app!

Perceptive - customer success platform

Product & Website
design for Perceptive AI

Perceptive AI makes customer success predictable for B2B SaaS companies

Alcide - Full-Stack cloud native security platform

Art direction, Website design
For Alcide.io

Alcide’s Data Center & Cloud Ops Security Platform protects any combination of container, serverless, VM and bare metal.

Stardom.io - Branding for a growth hacking agency 🚀

Brand identity
for Roy Povarchik

I strategized and designed the brand of a new digital marketing agency.

Alooma - Data Pipeline Platform

Product Designer

Alooma enables data teams to have visibility and control. It brings data from your various data silos together to your data warehouse, all in real time.

Poster a day - I created a poster (almost 🤡) every day in 2017

Inspired by posters makers and specifically Baugasm, I challenged myself to create a poster every day in 2017 so I can experiment new styles and techniques. I quit after seven months though.

7Elements - Website design for a gaming company

Website design
for 7Elements Studios

I had the opportunity to create a website for a beautifully crafted MMO strategy game

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The rise 🌄 of the “Full Stack” Designer and the tools 🛠 they use

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F*ck function. Lets make design pretty again✊

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Artboards and Symbols are not enough🤔

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Design and develop better together🔥